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    5 ft. 10 in.
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    Some College
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    Yes, living elsewhere


My name is Daniel Richie,A professional Engineer,has 2kids living in America California o be precise and they are born there..I was born in Australia here but grew up in America too and recently relocated back to Australia to set up my own company and start a new life..I am divorced over 6yrs ago and ready for a serious relationship with a serious woman who want serious relationship with a serious minded man like me with pure heart and full of love...I am caring,loving,romantic,generous,supportive and ready to stand by my woman anyday and anytime and i am real 100% here with prove because i believe in honesty and not here to play game because life is too short to be playing around like a kid and honesty is the best policy in life and not here for naked pictures or to talk dirty but to meet a mature minded woman with a decent conversation..Age means nothing to me and distance means nothing too because i am even searching for a nice place to buy my house soon and i believe when there is true love then everything is possible and also colors means nothing to me because we are human being and same blood flows in our vein so we are suppose to love one another..

What I am looking for

Please only a serious minded woman should reply back to me or message me..She should be caring,loving,romantic,generous and ready to stand by her man anyday and anytime because i will do that too more than 100%...Thanks so much